Enterprise Professional Standard
  For organizations that require best-in-class product development tools, customized workflows, role based access control, and design analytics. For small, medium & consulting businesses that require a product development platform including CAD, release management, and data management. For single seat users who require modern CAD tools with modest collaboration and data management needs.
Price per user per annum P.O.A £1,700 £1,200
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Part & Assembly Modeling
Surfacing & Sheet Metal
Technical Support Priority Direct Support Direct Support Direct Support
Formal Release Management
Approval Workflows Custom Standardised
Support for Multiple Workflows
Unlimited Versioning & Branching
Complete Data Management
Automated Part Numbering
Bill of Materials
Custom Properties & Metadata
Single Sign-on
Bulk Item Management
Company Admin Tools Limited
Centralised IP Control Limited
Project Based Reporting
Role-based Access Control
Instant Provisioning
Advanced Provisioning Settings
Company Specific Domain
Guided Onboarding Available
Consolidated Billing